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More Pages Online!

Post by Vega » Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:17 am

Hello again everyone. Classes have just started up for me, and that mean a lot of reading as a graduate student by lots, I mean whole books assigned per week, which means less time fixing the old site. As such, I have added a link to the archive on the main link. I am getting new images and writing some new content so we have a more complete survey of Zoids information. The New Century info will be written from scratch, so that will take awhile, in fact it might wait until spring break. However, I should be getting good matching images that fit uniformly with the Heroes section of the characters page this weekend. Also, I am questioning where to put characters such as Lt. Shubaltz, Rosso and Viola. While they were technically bad at firs, they came around, so do we give them to the good side or the bad side? If you have comments feel free to email me.

Also, all of our old wallpapers were 800x600, a very outdated resolution, so I am probably not gonig to put those on the new site. As such, if you have any wallpapers for modern resolutions I'd be happy to have some, or I might try to make a few. Otherwise the AIM icons we had from Zoids Unofficial will be put back up, but other media might be scarce. On that note, I'm still searching for staff! Email me if you are interested. Also, do you guys think we should support Zoids Fuzors? I only saw a few episodes and wasn't as impressed as I was with CC/GF and NC. Comments welcome!

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